Emerging Answers For Straightforward Online Fashion Tactics

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Only deliveries on the employee's path appear as options. The employee can decide what size and weight package and how many deliveries. Employees also chose what days they want to take on deliveries. Packages not claimed that day by an employee are shifted to a third-party carrier. A map showing dots where employees live and where deliveries were going for one recent day revealed extensive overlap. "It just makes sense," said Marc Lore, CEO of Wal-Mart's e-commerce division. "We already have trucks moving orders from fulfillment centers to stores for pickup. Those same trucks could be used to bring ship-to-home orders to a store close to their final destination." Lore called it a game-changer in Wal-Mart's ability to use its stores to move ahead in e-commerce. Wal-Mart's same-store sales have increased for 11 consecutive quarters. Last month, it reported a first-quarter sales increase of 1.4 percent, which beat estimates.

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