She Had Been Trying To Get A Deal Agreed On Shadow Cabinet Elections And Was Seen As A Bulwark Against Attempts To Deselect Mps That Disagreed With Mr Corbyn.

He said: "By appointing a shadow home secretary who disagrees with the public, flights to mexico and her own party, about the need to control our own borders, Labour have abandoned the centre ground." Mr Starmer will join shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry, shadow international trade secretary Barry Gardiner, new shadow economic secretary Jonathan Reynolds and shadow chancellor John McDonnell on Labour's "shadow Brexit team". Baroness Chakrabarti, who was recently made a Labour peer, affordable flights to vegas from ireland joins the shadow cabinet for the first time - as shadow attorney general. Accepting the shadow cabinet role, she said it was "an enormous privilege", and added: "I hope to follow in a great tradition of law officers on both sides of the aisle who have defended rights, freedoms and the rule of law." Image copyright PA Image caption Nick Brown was chief whip when Gordon Brown was prime minister In other reshuffle news, Jo Stevens is the new shadow Welsh secretary and Sarah Champion has been made shadow women and equalities minister. Mr Corbyn has created a new position, shadow minister for black and minority ethnic communities, and appointed Dawn Butler to the role. New opposition chief whip Mr Brown, who served in the same role under both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, said he hoped to "bring experience" and "play a constructive role" in providing the "strongest possible opposition" to the Conservative government. Dame Rosie, who was opposition chief whip since 2010, said it had been an "honour" to do the job and thanked the whips and the Parliamentary Labour Party for their support. 'Submission not unity' Mr Corbyn paid tribute to her "six years' exceptional service" and said she had played "an outstanding role in her support for me as leader and for the Labour Party as a whole". The Opposition Whips' office are said to be "deeply saddened" by her departure while another Labour source told the BBC the reshuffle so far looked "vengeful and cack-handed". BBC political correspondent Iain Watson said he understood Dame Rosie did not leave her job voluntarily, and that there was "some significance" to her removal. She had been trying to get a deal agreed on shadow cabinet elections and was seen as a "bulwark against attempts to deselect MPs that disagreed with Mr Corbyn". Several prominent Labour figures took to Twitter to thank Dame Rosie for her work, including former leader Ed Miliband and former deputy leader Harriet Harman.

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